Management Consulting

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are the mission-critical backbone of business transactions and communication.

It is extremely important to remember your ERP software is not the solution.  It is only an important set of tools used to automate some of the ERP processes defined in an ERP Blueprint.  The implementation will marry the two to get you the ultimate solution.

Besides providing the core transaction processing that complex enterprises require, ERP systems are often the launching pad for strategic initiatives.

A properly implemented ERP system will provide true organization freedom and agility to adapt to changing business dynamics.

CII provides services for implementing and integrating internal and external systems. CII’s expertise will allow your organization to integrate functions across your enterprise into a streamlined enterprise-wide solution that encompasses all areas of the organization.

CII can define and incorporate business processes, best practices, workflows, and proprietary methodologies into your company’s organizational solutions.  CII provides the freedom to extend your software applications and business processes beyond the constraints imposed by traditional commercial vendors.


Integration is critical to extracting strategic advantage from all of your technology initiatives.  CII has amassed thousands of hours of experience integrating and supporting ERP implementations, managing software services, writing requirements, customizing applications, and integrating systems.  We have built relationships with some of the most prestigious organizations around the world.  Our service oriented approach helps our customers feel at ease and welcome us into their teams.

CII will help your organization:


• Understand customer requirements and needs

• Map out business processes efficiently

• Adapt and apply complex business processes to workable solutions

• Write functional and technical specifications

• Identify risks, competitive implications, and threats

• Educate business community

• Define strategic priorities

• Align Cross departmental collaboration

• Guide implementation decisions and milestones

• Deliver high impact deliverables

• Deliver quicker project life cycles