Training is a key component for any organization going through any ERP implementation.   It is a key component of organizational change management and the overall success of the ERP implementation.

ERP training sessions often, and erroneously, focus on transactions.  ERP training should focus on how the business will work with the system and how those transactions affect the overall business.  CII delivers training sessions only after a complete overview of the goal of the business.  The ultimate goal is to be able to successfully manage the business in the ERP environment.

ERP training should focus on new business processes as the foundation.  The program should teach employees how to perform their business processes and workflows in their new environment.  It’s essential for ERP training to deliver knowledge in the context of the employee’s daily routine.

ERP projects can go a long way toward making adoption easier if they focus on effective training that deliver business process and workflow training, in addition to ERP transactional training. This type of process-focused training should be a centerpiece of any organization to help effectively manage their ERP environment.

CII training consultants can help construct questions and strategies for conducting your assessment for a more beneficial training experience.  An ERP training consultant can help you construct questions and strategies for conducting your assessment.  Below is a list of plan deliverable you should focus on developing.

Prerequisite end user skills education plan

Training staffing & Delivery plan

• Partnering with the Business

• Curriculum Development


• Curriculum Development