CII is very proud of the quality of work we do. We are always pleased to hear positive feedback from our clients. The following comments are from clients who are happy to have us share their experience.


“CII has worked with our organization for the past 14 years. They have proven to be a great asset to our organization. CII has a wide and deep knowledge of implementation experience and capable professionals that can get the job done. CII’s “can do” attitude makes all the difference in projects with high visibility and global standards. CII is currently teamed up with us in our effort to globalize our ERP system to provide a common system and processes. We are on target for a 15% improvement in productivity. I highly recommend CII for anyone implementing ERP systems.”

André Herkendaal
ERP LN Project Manager
GKN Sinter Metals


“We hired Consulting Integrity International for an ERP integration project using custom EDI transactions. The project had a very tight time line and a lot of technical complexity, CII was able to deliver on a great working solution within the allotted time. CII excels at complex technical software development projects and has deep understanding of EDI and the related business processes. I highly recommend them.”

Teelko Boekschoten
Director, Information Technology
Thermo Fisher Scientific



“During 2010/2011, GKN Aerospace implemented a new ERP system within its UK design and manufacture facility at Cowes. The new system included a large number of supplementary applications, to deal with specialist requirements, which had to be integrated with the primary ERP solution.

An internal project team was appointed to support the implementation, but the organisation needed consultancy support from a firm specialized in manufacturing ERP implementations, capable of training the people, managing customizations in the software, managing all of the interfacing systems, recommending logistics and manufacturing processes, and listening to the corporate requirements throughout the implementation cycle.

CII’s “hands-on” involvement made all the difference. From the time CII arrived it took 9 months to achieve successful Go-Live. During this period, CII helped form a cohesive project team, capable of delivering the support required for the implementation, user training and post Go-Live support.

Overall, CII provided highly capable and experienced personnel, with the commitment and energy to drive the project to achieve the business objectives specified with this project.”

Clive Sibley
Global IT Projects Director
GKN Aerospace


“CII was brought in to implement one of our facilities from legacy to our standard ERP software. With experienced and capable professionals they were able to implement in record time. This site is our reference site for all our future implementations.”


Patrick Cornelsen
Business System Analyst
Commercial Vehicle Group, Inc.